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What is Damazcus?

Our name Damazcus draws influence from damascus steel – ancient forged metal revered for both its beauty and strength. Able to split silk in mid-air just as easily destroy rock without losing its sharp edge, the steel's prestige grew even more when inspected closely.


In addition to its unparalleled sharpness and durability, damascus steel gained its legendary place in history through distinct markings on its surface, covering the metal in a rippling, hypnotic pattern. These unique patterns are the byproduct of an internal & interwoven crafted structure achieved through specialized forging techniques, responsible for the steel's awe-inspiring qualities on the battlefield.


Like the legendary metal, Damazcus Skincare hopes to inspire our users to embrace their inherent beauty and be the strong and resilient individuals our world depends on, living confidently through the challenges in our lives. 


Videoclip attributed to Green Beetle @ YT (


We hope Damazcus will change the way you perceive skincare.

 Not only through brighter skin, fewer wrinkles, or smaller pores – but on the inside – because when you look good, you feel good. 

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