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1. Created For Men


We understand the biophysical properties of skin are different between men and women. With Men having higher oil production, thicker skin, and deeper wrinkles, we take these details into consideration when formulating our products so that our skin is properly taken care of and nurtured.




2. Fragrance and Dye Free


Damazcus products do not and will never include "Fragrance/Parfum" or any Dyes in our ingredient stack. If a product has a slight scent or color, it is directly from an active ingredient that is listed. We will never compromise the quality of our products to make our skincare smell or look a certain way because safety always comes first for our community.




3. Clean Biocompatibility


We believe Skincare should be created with biocompatibility in mind, utilizing optimal ingredients from both man-made and natural categories. Biocompatibility is the interaction between living tissue and external substances – if the external substance has an intended, positive impact on our skin without impairing its physiology (inducing sensitivities, irritation, discoloration, etc.), then the substance is deemed to be biocompatible. 


“Biocompatible” and “natural” are not synonymous; natural ingredients (e.g. Charcoal, certain essential oils, etc.) can still be toxic & harmful, come from endangered plants, and use animal byproducts/test on animals. Instead, we focus on clean, biocompatible skincare – this means using non-toxic ingredients (both man-made and natural) that are formulated to heal, strengthen, and protect our skin through synergistic interactions, while preserving our environment and being cruelty free.




4. Potent Formulations


We pack our formulations with dynamic ingredients at high levels of concentration to deliver maximum impact to our customers. We want to ensure our community truly see and feel the results that our products provide, and that means not cutting any corners. Many other brands will put the baseline minimum of active ingredients into their products to deliver just the bare amount of results that’s most economical. That is not our philosophy: if science dictates that only 1% is needed to see results, we put in at least 2-3X of baseline levels to make sure that we are providing the best product to our community.

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