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We believe Skincare is a vital part of Well-Being

Damazcus Skincare was created to help individuals to be resilient and confident leaders, reinforcing the beauty that's within each one of us. 

 We're not interested in making a wide variety of men’s grooming goods (shaving, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) like a lot of other companies do. Rather, we focus on a singular objective because we care about accomplishing it to our highest capacity: Concentrating all our resources to formulate the most premium skincare products available.

Our labs strictly sources its raw ingredients and manufactures in the USA to carefully control our product quality

Safety and efficiency are our top priority

Our team continuously conducts R&D on our formulations in order to stay on the forefront of skincare advancements. We aim to deliver a compact product line that minimizes confusion, while upholding the important aspects of skincare to keep you clean and youthful. By sharing with our fellow man why skincare is important, we hope to create an inclusive & mindful community dedicated to ensuring your skin looks the way it deserves for decades to come.

Ethos & Social Responsibility

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Sustainable Packaging 

All of our packaging is recyclable. Please make sure to properly discard Damazcus Products for a brighter, greener earth.

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Men's Mental Health

We donate a portion of all proceeds to Face It Foundation, a non-profit that works with men to overcome struggles with depression and prevent suicide.

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No Animal Testing

Animals are friends and we will never test our products on them. We employ modern, alternative testing methods that do not require animal participation.

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