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Complete Skincare Routine for Men

Understanding the Basics

If you’re anything like me, you might’ve grown up and spent your childhood washing your face with shampoo - after all, it felt like it did the job decently right? However, as the years have gone on, our skin needs more nourishment and care, just like the rest of our body. It’s easy to get away with eating fast food regularly and exercising once a month when we are in our youth – try that now and you’ll most likely end up feeling quite lethargic and miserable. Our skin is no different, especially our face which is the most sensitive to change.

A proper skincare routine is simple enough to understand when broken down and takes less than 2-3 minutes everyday. The impact that a consistent skincare routine has on our lives can be exponential; at first, perhaps you don’t see too much change but after a few weeks, months, and years, you will thank your past self for being diligent and taking the time to nourish yourself as you start to notice your friends and peers have a few more wrinkles or blemishes than yourself. They’ll complement how you look like you haven’t changed since college or highschool – must be good genes right? You’ll smile and nod, knowing that those extra few minutes a day have done its job. Let’s get into it.

A comprehensive skincare routine can be built on 5 steps

3 of which are essential – which means they are absolutely needed in every routine and 2 of which are what I like to call “catalysts” – which means extremely beneficial if you’re looking to cover all aspects of ensuring your face remains as radiant and youthful as possible. Here are the steps below:

  • ◾ Facial Cleanser (ESSENTIAL)
  • ◾ Toner (ESSENTIAL) 
  • ◾ Serums (CATALYST) 
  • Eye Serum (CATALYST) 
  • ◾ Moisturizer (ESSENTIAL)

We will break down each category, explain what it does for your skin, and why it is important.

Skincare Routine Breakdown

Facial Cleanser (ESSENTIAL)

Having a suitable facial cleanser for your skin needs is crucial. The main role of a cleanser is to wash away dirt, oils, and impurities from our face; it's important to keep our skin clean in order to prevent blemishes and retain an even-complexion. As Men, our skin can be oily, sensitive, or have specific needs that the right cleanser can synergistically work with. Damazcus offers an AHA Glycolic Retexturing Cleanser that is tailored for skin types that are oily and would benefit from exfoliation, as well as a Dual Copra Pacifying Cleanser which is suitable for sensitive or dry skin, utilizing coconut compounds to nourish.


A toner can be seen as an indispensable primer that prepares your skin for the rest of your skincare routine. It removes last traces of impurities from your pores after you wash your face, allowing for maximum absorption of additional products, such as moisturizers and serums. In addition, certain toners contain ingredients that provide additional benefits, such as tightening pores and fighting hyper-pigmentation. Our Coenzyme Revitalizing 10 Toner is specifically designed to promote our face's natural renewal process and mildly exfoliate in order to ensure your skin gets a blanket of hydrating nutrients, while preparing it for the next skincare steps that follow.

Moisturizer (ESSENTIAL) 

Keeping our face properly hydrated is one of the most important parts of healthy skin. Using a proper moisturizer helps protect our skin’s barrier from irritation, dryness, and pollutants. We don’t notice how often we touch our faces throughout the day and the stress we put it through - whether that be physical touch, the environment (wind, sun, dirt), and sweat. Moisturizers can help keep our faces hydrated which in turn allows for an optimal pH environment, leading to less sensitive, dry skin. A misconception is that oily skin types don’t need moisturizers; however, in many cases the extra oil production is a result of your body coping for improper facial hydration, and having a moisturizer will actually decrease an oily complexion by filling in the needed moisture that your body was producing oil for. Damazcus offers two moisturizers; our Hydratase Interlock Moisturizer is an rich, intensive formulation that provides comprehensive support for those with dryer skin. Those with oiler complexions may find our Gossamer Balancing Moisturizer a better fit – a lighter formulation designed with barrier protecting ingredients built to compliment skin that produces more sebum.


For those looking to take their skincare routine to the next level, facial serums are the boost that will transform your skin by targeting specific issues, including rough textures, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle grooves, and more. Although there are hundreds of serums that may positively affect your skin, two indispensable formulas we have designed at Damazcus give you extensive restoration and protection built to fight against the root causes of most problems that cause aging & suboptimal skin. Having a premier Vitamin C serum is essential - our Satori Vitamin C Multiform Serum is mixed with a triple-derivative of Vitamin C that safeguards against environmental stressors (UV, infrared, airborne pollution) that lead to premature aging, reducing oxidative trauma and defends free-radical damage. In conjunction, our Biotic Peptide Restitution Serum is a great formulation packed with vitamins and 5 different biomimetic peptides that target specific aging symptoms, including epidermal cell turnover, texture uniformity, wrinkles and fine lines, fibroblastic blood vessel elasticity, and anti-inflammation support. With these a part of your skincare routine, you can live confidently knowing you are giving your face the best treatments available and see your transformation before your very own eyes.

Eye Serums (CATALYST)

The area around the eyes is the most delicate area on our body, with thin skin covering around our orbitals. It’s no wonder that often this is the area that first shows signs of wear and aging, with puffiness, wrinkles, and blemishes. This is why it is important to take extra care by having an appropriate serum that can target these issues at their core. Our Lucid Repair Eye Serum is specifically engineered to focus on these symptoms that cause our orbital area to become weakened. Ingredients like Red Algae Extract tightens appearance of loose skin to compress & revitalize “crepey” appearance, while a proprietary Peptide Complex promotes collagen production to smoothen fine lines. Consistent application of eye serums will ensure you improve your eye complexion to keep a youthful appearance.

Tying it Together

Taking care of our skin may seem a bit daunting starting out, but remember that the five recommended steps discussed above will ensure you cover all the bases: Start with a Facial Cleanser, followed by a Toner and Moisturizer. These steps will be enough for some people who want the Essentials of skincare under their belt. For those wanting to optimally nourish their skin and further safeguard against wrinkles, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation, Serums such as Vitamin C, Biotic Peptides, and Eye Serum will Catalyze additional regeneration & defense. Damazcus Skincare was created to provide a comprehensive product line designed for Men and our specific needs. We wish you the best in your skincare journey and hope we can be a part of your story of self-care and confidence.

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